Odder Frimenighed welcomes you!

Odder Frimenighed is a vibrant evangelical church. We believe in the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our worship services are contemporary and have familiar elements such as sermon, communion, worship and fellowship. We are not part of the state church, but our beliefs are the same.

Our community consists of people in all ages; children, youth and adults in all ages. We have a vision called “all the way” which means that God is part of our daily life, together with our neighbor, in a fellowship at a common mission. We want to be a church that serves Odder and constantly we try to explore; what is Odder calling for?

Three Sundays every month there is a service at 10.30 AM at Holsteinsgade 11A – our own church building. You will be met at the door by people who will offer you a cup of coffee or tea. Twice a month there is lunch and once a month we have clubs for the kids at different ages.

The last Sunday every month we have an evening service at 8. PM at Holsteinsgade 11A.

During summertime we do not have services, but we still meet at the church building on Sundays at 10.30 for breakfast and a short morning celebration.

Besides services on Sundays we have a lot of different activities in smaller groups where you can get to know other believers.

Please feel free to join us at a service or contact the pastors for more information.